Leouou Supporter

Character Information
Name Leouou
Level 205
Guild Familia Saddam Returns
Last online about 11 hours ago
Born July 03, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Ak Trovao Dtl and Leouou killed Mazheffsz - 1 day ago
Seja Meu Amigo killed Leouou - 1 day ago
Seja Meu Amigo and Ypilon Official killed Leouou - 1 day ago
Leouou , Kanabe Uchiha and Gsn killed Timotinolima - 1 day ago
Gsn , Ryuki Alex and Leouou killed Ypilon Official - 1 day ago
Indra Of Akt , Clone Of Evil , Leouou and Chaleco Lost killed Il Tchinininha - 1 day ago
Leouou , Chaleco Lost , Clone Of Evil and Indra Of Akt killed Il Skizer Il - 1 day ago

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