Character Information
Name Lalalililulu
Level 106
Last online about 4 hours ago
Born May 22, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Lalalililulu and Alcina killed Quy Apk - 1 day ago
Lalalililulu killed Arthur Diniz Xx - 1 day ago
Death Eyes and Lalalililulu killed Pophgvgjnn - 1 day ago
Gguga Shop , Lalalililulu and Il Sr Morte Il killed Yui Bos - 1 day ago
Ninja Snq killed Lalalililulu - 3 days ago
Maria Dragon killed Lalalililulu - 6 days ago
Wesley Klp and Lalalililulu killed God Vine - 6 days ago
Sibu Anak Sibu and Lalalililulu killed Alfredzadiel - 6 days ago
Lalalililulu and Irfan Tuk killed Jusjygwhdf - 6 days ago

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