Ksrl Supporter

Character Information
Name Ksrl
Level 250
Guild Awaken
Last online 38 minutes ago
Born April 28, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Ksrl and Exposed Noob killed Sudden Fire - 1 day ago
Seewt , Ksrl and Zpakker killed Skereando - 1 day ago
Uchiha Itachii and Ksrl killed Il Kighit Sword - 1 day ago
Ksrl and Loockzin Il Sbk killed Healingmaster - 1 day ago
Evil Nagato Sz killed Ksrl - 1 day ago
Natizinha Gd and Ksrl killed Cereja Duda Cra - 1 day ago
Il Merlin Iz and Ksrl killed Reibar - 1 day ago
Defeath killed Ksrl - 1 day ago
Ksrl and Skonix Kaisser killed Gabriel Br Dks - 1 day ago
Gtgamers , Il Zicop Il and Ksrl killed Dark Solitary - 1 day ago
Tedyziinho Abs killed Ksrl - 1 day ago
Leviagiuar , Shoroke and Ksrl killed Tedyziinho Abs - 1 day ago
Il Tobi Of Gkl killed Ksrl - 1 day ago
Ksrl killed Il Tobi Of Gkl - 1 day ago
Dth Nagasaki and Guardiany killed Ksrl - 2 days ago

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