Kowzin Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Kowzin
Level 290
Guild The Last Hope
Title Clyde Rabbit Slayer IV Ultra Rare
Last online currently online
Born October 01, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Mexiican Terror killed Kowzin - 22 minutes ago
Mexiican Terror and Kowzin killed Original Acido - 23 minutes ago
Xl Dinge Xl , Paraguayitoop and Snowalien killed Kowzin - 27 minutes ago
Kowzin and Gm Cara killed Scarnest - 28 minutes ago
Kowzin and Sarquero killed Panortamdos - 29 minutes ago
Kowzin , Gm Cara and Sarquero killed Scarnest - 31 minutes ago
Kowzin killed Santiago Ks - 32 minutes ago
Sarquero and Kowzin killed Skwmznjz - 32 minutes ago
Kowzin killed Yea Im Pro - 34 minutes ago
Kowzin , Santy Polar and Yea Im Pro killed Sarquero - 38 minutes ago
Brunos Pro , Kowzin and Wichozom killed Iv Son Goku Iv - about 10 hours ago
Eliza La Mejor killed Kowzin - about 10 hours ago
Kowzin killed Ujesus - about 10 hours ago
Kowzin killed The John Wick - about 10 hours ago
Kowzin killed Dyliver - about 10 hours ago

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