Kon Majoka Supporter

Character Information
Name Kon Majoka
Level 590
Guild Killers Of The Night
Title Boss Slayer VIII Mythic
Last online about 14 hours ago
Born July 29, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Kon Majoka killed Ca Of Dutppp - about 14 hours ago
Kon Majoka killed Zlxleonelxzl - about 14 hours ago
Satell killed Kon Majoka - 4 days ago
Kon Majoka killed Fritomermo - 4 days ago
God Illusion , Monarch Legend , Gm Wexal , Kon Majoka and Il Low Chaos killed Reffen Rucoy - 4 days ago
Il Darerryn Il , Kon Majoka and Master Proxy killed Rey Gabino - 5 days ago

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