Character Information
Name Koezix
Level 118
Guild Wooden Bears
Last online about 9 hours ago
Born January 23, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Koezix and Il Lonely Wolf killed Im Farmer - about 9 hours ago
Miulwscuboss , Koezix and Kozaczy killed Afedodm - about 10 hours ago
Koezix and Ainz Ooal Gownd killed Raptorgamer Fal - about 10 hours ago
Suberziro , Koezix , Leevel Up and Rxj Bradock killed Il Draion Il - about 11 hours ago
Power Wolf and Koezix killed Nmnnnj - about 12 hours ago
Juandragon killed Koezix - about 14 hours ago
Juandragon , Laflameyt and Koezix killed Yeferssons - about 14 hours ago
Koezix , Na Cabes Mestre and Xvorty killed One Alqd - about 17 hours ago
Kkvfdd , Jklty and Koezix killed Luidkillmario - about 17 hours ago
Impuamon Ninja killed Koezix - about 18 hours ago
Eriiik and Koezix killed Akt Nobru - about 19 hours ago
Koezix , Lucas Ik and Kakuzu Sz killed Dani Pkdora - about 19 hours ago
Rafael Bdjl killed Koezix - about 19 hours ago
Magic Foda killed Koezix - about 19 hours ago
Magic Foda and Koezix killed Munshindeiro - about 19 hours ago

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