King Drasil Online Supporter

Character Information
Name King Drasil
Level 320
Guild Academy Dtm
Last online currently online
Born January 02, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
It Morning Star killed King Drasil - about 18 hours ago
Gmo Lysz Il and Angel Sidoka killed King Drasil - about 18 hours ago
King Drasil killed Jpkb - about 18 hours ago
Hitkill Real and King Drasil killed Groster - about 20 hours ago
King Drasil and Tsye killed Bk Gabo Lkz - 3 days ago
King Drasil killed Octviooooooo - 4 days ago
King Drasil and Zicazi killed Robertobrx - 4 days ago
Mestreclover killed King Drasil - 4 days ago
Brayan Br Up and Eo Glockzin Rvt killed King Drasil - 7 days ago

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