Character Information
Name Killerdares
Level 75
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born June 27, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Killerdare and Killerdares killed Skill Pet - about 2 hours ago
Killerdares and Sorrry Mohk killed Ai Giup Em Voi - about 2 hours ago
Killerdare , Sorrry Mohk and Killerdares killed Ban Bvckbu - about 2 hours ago
Aphex Twin and Killerdares killed Ai Giup Em Voi - about 2 hours ago
Killerdares killed Gargonit - about 2 hours ago
Heloyu , Gleyever and Killerdares killed Enfrentate - about 5 hours ago
Killerdares and Rucoyonlai killed Praichan - about 6 hours ago
Killerdares , Dragonter , Mnxs and Cyyuuiop killed Sitama Opm - about 7 hours ago
Antonio Matadou , Ifwt and Killerdares killed Marisol Campos - about 7 hours ago
Il Drg Xl killed Killerdares - about 10 hours ago
Killerdares and Hungzdk killed Blackout Snd - about 11 hours ago
Blackout Snd , Hungzdk and Killerdares killed Xx Savitar Xx - about 11 hours ago
Guhhmalves and Killerdares killed Kop Master Vn - about 11 hours ago
Xiao Zu killed Killerdares - about 11 hours ago
Catana Ada and Xx Savitar Xx killed Killerdares - about 12 hours ago

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