Kien Huy Supporter

Character Information
Name Kien Huy
Level 187
Last online about 23 hours ago
Born October 12, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Kien Huy and Principe Rojo killed Junior Aser - 1 day ago
Fghfhgdffhhhhb , Kien Huy and Wairt killed Abraham El Dio - 2 days ago
Il Thanos killed Kien Huy - 6 days ago
Nothing Left and Trecerax killed Kien Huy - 6 days ago
Gleyever , Trecerax and Kien Huy killed Arya Gaming - 6 days ago
Red Karmas killed Kien Huy - 6 days ago
Cfdfjjd , Kien Huy and Degrafdh killed Ycgvyyv - 7 days ago
Kurwszon and Kien Huy killed Immortal Dos - 7 days ago

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