Kemsan Supporter

Character Information
Name Kemsan
Level 351
Guild Black Lykanz
Last online about 19 hours ago
Born January 26, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Jjisisg and Kemsan killed Kina Rastafire - 4 days ago
Il Itachi Snd , Krockni and Kemsan killed Hoangkiller - 4 days ago
Kemsan killed Bh Sithis - 4 days ago
Kemsan and Death Uchiha killed Grate Knit - 5 days ago
Thierry Top and Kemsan killed Kalirael - 5 days ago
Insane Arrow and Kemsan killed Lupus Chaninus - 5 days ago
Frozen Archer and Kemsan killed Haze Beyond - 5 days ago

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