Kaiofiuza Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Kaiofiuza
Level 316
Guild Angelic Killers
Last online currently online
Born March 24, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Kaiofiuza killed Il Estranho Il - 42 minutes ago
Kaiofiuza killed Mogelado - about 5 hours ago
Kaiofiuza and Rafaxyz killed Rikidousenin - about 5 hours ago
Jovem Ykz killed Kaiofiuza - about 5 hours ago
Todig and Kaiofiuza killed Zeus Sr - about 5 hours ago
Kaiofiuza , Rodrigo Fakezin and Misaelkina killed Hoguhi - about 9 hours ago
Kakuzu Sz , Faicu , Rodrigo Fakezin and Kaiofiuza killed Akt Luna Azuma - about 9 hours ago
Furacao Milly and Kaiofiuza killed Vengeful King - about 11 hours ago
Mxge Deluxe Zz killed Kaiofiuza - about 11 hours ago
Kaiofiuza and Mc Draek killed No Problems Lc - about 13 hours ago
Kaiofiuza and Lord Ddeseprime killed Biig Show - about 13 hours ago
Kaiofiuza killed Kawanhfjd - about 15 hours ago
James Abb and Kaiofiuza killed Patente Dima - about 15 hours ago
Kaiofiuza , Lord Ddeseprime and James Abb killed Maconha Ju - about 15 hours ago
Kaiofiuza and Adrian Miuell killed Karina Luna - about 15 hours ago

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