Kaduzzila Online

Character Information
Name Kaduzzila
Level 290
Guild Shadow Of Legends
Last online currently online
Born December 27, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
Kaduzzila and Kon Imxrtall killed Taeyd - about 22 hours ago
Kaduzzila killed Snd Musculoso - about 23 hours ago
Kaduzzila killed Amarall Br - about 23 hours ago
Don Mastter , Kaduzzila and Gladiadorrural killed German Gar - 1 day ago
Gladiadorrural and Kaduzzila killed Javier Solis - 1 day ago
Kaduzzila and Gladiadorrural killed Lol Bruh Toxic - 1 day ago
Kaduzzila killed Nandin Returns - 1 day ago
Davilordkiller and Kaduzzila killed El Riick - 1 day ago
Kaduzzila and Davilordkiller killed Il Mago Xt Il - 1 day ago
Kaduzzila and Zereffl killed Obgame - 1 day ago
Kaduzzila , Bruno Ytt and God Thanatos killed Reptorzinho - 3 days ago
Kon Bandido Ll killed Kaduzzila - 3 days ago
Kaduzzila , Tiagoporaaaaaa and Thanos Boss Il killed Mathinne - 3 days ago
Thanos Boss Il and Kaduzzila killed Sowodkwkdd - 3 days ago
Mathinne killed Kaduzzila - 3 days ago

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