Character Information
Name Juxoj
Level 194
Guild Guardians Of The Nigth
Title Vampire Slayer V Legendary
Last online 1 day ago
Born June 02, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Returning Souls killed Juxoj - 2 days ago
In The Dark Op and Juxoj killed Miguel Pilipine - 3 days ago
Rd Yubra Rd killed Juxoj - 5 days ago
Seta Seta , Brayan Jr Pro and Juxoj killed Gnuble - 5 days ago
Milton Skillpro killed Juxoj - 5 days ago
Juxoj and Pana Eric killed Wibert Cd - 5 days ago
Juxoj and Il Daniel Wg Il killed Wiinner - 6 days ago
Il Daniel Wg Il and Juxoj killed Gael Chavez - 6 days ago

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