Juanitooooooo Online

Character Information
Name Juanitooooooo
Level 307
Guild Red Skull
Title Bonnie Rabbit Slayer
Last online currently online
Born August 22, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Juanitooooooo killed Gm Rpc - about 1 hour ago
Jiisjk , Rayson God and Juanitooooooo killed Dsrkns - about 3 hours ago
Rayson God , Dsrkns and Juanitooooooo killed Hero Dodo - about 3 hours ago
Low Opl killed Juanitooooooo - 5 days ago
Oplodi , Juanitooooooo and Yagobuc killed Kins Gerd - 6 days ago
Emiliano Qr killed Juanitooooooo - 6 days ago
Nbk Xl Hoxy , Gokust and Juanitooooooo killed Emiliano Qr - 6 days ago

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