Character Information
Name Josiasmasterxdd
Level 308
Guild Guardians Of The Nigth
Title Knight
Last online about 4 hours ago
Born March 06, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
The Fernando and Naruto Gggggggg killed Josiasmasterxdd - about 10 hours ago
Naruto Gggggggg killed Josiasmasterxdd - about 11 hours ago
Josiasmasterxdd and Op Magic Wides killed Il Nove - about 18 hours ago
Guardian Chrome and Josiasmasterxdd killed Hahadjwjdnsjs - about 22 hours ago
Mr Feli , Josiasmasterxdd , Justinum , Srzod and Qmmmmmmmmmmmm killed El Skill Pro Bv - about 22 hours ago
Qmmmmmmmmmmmm killed Josiasmasterxdd - about 22 hours ago
Jose Manuelll , Josiasmasterxdd and Leon Magico killed Adalvis - about 23 hours ago
Mrchetto killed Josiasmasterxdd - about 23 hours ago
Gabitoz , Josiasmasterxdd , Asl Astral Vt and Ninja Oscuro Xx killed Natsu Dragneels - about 24 hours ago
King Pupet , Josiasmasterxdd and Golden Thunderz killed Gabitoz - about 24 hours ago
Josiasmasterxdd and Mxurokun Il Rx killed Angel Momoehs - 1 day ago
Akatsuki Mike and Josiasmasterxdd killed Anorexico - 1 day ago
Josiasmasterxdd killed Ronpe Nalgas - 1 day ago
Mxurokun Il Rx , Josiasmasterxdd and Srzod killed Ronpe Nalgas - 1 day ago
Angel Momoehs killed Josiasmasterxdd - 1 day ago

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