Character Information
Name Joseerickbr
Level 228
Last online 1 day ago
Born February 18, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Zard Dhs Il killed Joseerickbr - 2 days ago
Joseerickbr killed Il No Kill Il - 2 days ago
Gustavoxxl Evil and Joseerickbr killed Nick Matadorr - 2 days ago
Pecador Of Sow , Joseerickbr and Warrirking killed Caue Omega - 2 days ago
Evil Rick Alp , Joseerickbr , Gxd Carlos Alp and Pecador Of Sow killed Il Trento Il - 2 days ago
Gxd Carlos Alp , Pecador Of Sow and Joseerickbr killed Kit Kat Ban - 2 days ago
Kit Kat Ban , Moose Gou and Joseerickbr killed Satanickiller - 2 days ago
Joseerickbr killed Kina Paper - 3 days ago
Joseerickbr killed Il Sad Crazy Il - 3 days ago
Joseerickbr , Pinga Azul Snd and Kannkito killed Lipeuchihassk - 3 days ago
Joseerickbr and Igorfeu killed Pablo Sad Otaku - 3 days ago
Igorfeu and Joseerickbr killed Il Jink Il - 3 days ago
Thalesmr , Igorfeu and Joseerickbr killed Mario Of Akt - 3 days ago
Up Pain Sz and Joseerickbr killed Khode - 3 days ago
Zz Rock Ykz and Xx Madara Oo killed Joseerickbr - 3 days ago

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