Character Information
Name Jonathansex
Level 286
Guild Team Zodiac
Title Elite Slayer IV Ultra Rare
Last online 2 days ago
Born March 16, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Demi Fate killed Jonathansex - 2 days ago
Jonathansex killed Dufudks - 2 days ago
Jajsjjjsdndndnn and Mexiican Terror killed Jonathansex - 4 days ago
Dllom killed Jonathansex - 4 days ago
Jonathansex killed Demonioexprto - 4 days ago
Jul Op , Ironexperiment and Jonathansex killed Tha Wisdom - 4 days ago
Ironexperiment , Rete Malo Gato and Jonathansex killed Low Dirt - 4 days ago

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