Jidohh Supporter

Character Information
Name Jidohh
Level 242
Guild Il One Piece
Title Knight
Last online about 22 hours ago
Born May 07, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Expeliermus killed Jidohh - 2 days ago
Nks Reverse Vl and Jidohh killed Surfwoman - 2 days ago
Jidohh and Fdefhebhje killed Evil Sayux - 2 days ago
Jidohh and Madrake Il killed Evil Doril - 4 days ago
Jidohh and Noobznho Play killed Kendo Uzumaki - 4 days ago
Alezin Ghost , Noobznho Play and Jidohh killed Fpbefap - 4 days ago
Terabyte and Jidohh killed Lua Crscente - 4 days ago
Jidohh , Zx Canibal Il and Lairus Es killed Nndkdnxjdkdklll - 4 days ago
Jidohh , Lairus Es and Zaigames killed Tava La - 4 days ago

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