Jars Script

Character Information
Name Jars Script
Level 229
Guild Nova Stella
Last online 11 minutes ago
Born June 07, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Nandokiller and Jars Script killed Mestre Meneses - 7 minutes ago
Devils Bxndit killed Jars Script - about 21 hours ago
Zombiexdxdxd , Jars Script and Itachi Ssssssso killed Gowther Pecado - about 21 hours ago
Onemesiso , Game Easy and Jars Script killed Hentii - about 21 hours ago
Loser Op killed Jars Script - about 22 hours ago
Jars Script and Jezr killed Djdidudh - about 22 hours ago
Yt Erwan , Dnsllmonster and Jars Script killed Siul Drg - about 22 hours ago
Op Volt and War Sin killed Jars Script - 2 days ago
Guilhermetnt killed Jars Script - 2 days ago
Jars Script and Jeryplayz killed Gokurd - 2 days ago
An Dr Es and Jars Script killed Anromrax - 2 days ago
Hdvdvdh killed Jars Script - 2 days ago
Jars Script killed Nubkkk - 2 days ago
Jars Script , Aiacos Judge and Miioju killed Meliodaserto - 2 days ago
Aiacos Judge and Jars Script killed Ikarashi Uchiha - 2 days ago

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