Janembo Supporter

Character Information
Name Janembo
Level 188
Guild Cobra Kai
Last online 30 minutes ago
Born June 01, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Dr Rick Sanchez and Janembo killed Deioncheek - about 16 hours ago
Knowz and Il Crizz Il Doe killed Janembo - about 22 hours ago
Janembo killed Diego Pirws - 1 day ago
Archer Kaizz , Janembo and Bebelovesko killed Diego Pirws - 1 day ago
Janembo killed Cedrick Cezar - 3 days ago
Janembo killed Ok Lm - 3 days ago
Sr Kato and Ares Knight killed Janembo - 6 days ago
Id Smash and Janembo killed Il Prozinbr Il - 6 days ago
Therealtgr , Zessabuck , Janembo and Tl Elsah Tl killed Aleaster - 6 days ago

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