Character Information
Name Jaditto
Level 215
Last online about 11 hours ago
Born March 30, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Olk Meu and Loser Op killed Jaditto - 1 day ago
Il Nakachan Il , Tyrihs and Jaditto killed Patinho Fiel - 4 days ago
Doctor Stranghe and Destroing killed Jaditto - 4 days ago
Jaditto and Doctor Stranghe killed Lipe Mb - 4 days ago
Lord Jofjhx and Jaditto killed Yt Bvb - 4 days ago
Davi Skill killed Jaditto - 5 days ago
Jaditto killed Eider El Pro - 5 days ago
Ph Rickbr , Michaelzinho and Jaditto killed Lk Pain Lk - 5 days ago
Jaditto and Rikardu killed Khaos Skillzudo - 5 days ago
Jaditto , Jorgielisonyt and Qwcdrcdg killed Yyhzsjjj - 5 days ago

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