Iwerty Supporter

Character Information
Name Iwerty
Level 285
Last online about 10 hours ago
Born December 15, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Iwerty and Alihan Beyy killed Wesley Vfgdyt - 1 day ago
Iwerty killed Train Time Il - 1 day ago
Iwerty and Iliqn Trrikata killed Elite Dealer - 1 day ago
Iwerty killed Mrdinamo - 1 day ago
Vadim Russka killed Iwerty - 1 day ago
Dr Nicki and Iwerty killed Estrada Ax - 2 days ago
Stevenverdura and Iwerty killed Xl Harry Potter - 2 days ago
Iwerty and Skonix Kaisser killed Omnibus Thc - 2 days ago
Rokrobert killed Iwerty - 2 days ago
Mr Indingo killed Iwerty - 3 days ago

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