Character Information
Name Iurejk
Level 278
Guild Ll Valhalla Ll
Title Clyde Rabbit Slayer III Rare
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born December 18, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Iurejk killed Ix Acc Farm Xi - about 2 hours ago
Pallyzin Mito and Iurejk killed Faixa Flexzone - about 3 hours ago
Invisible Clone killed Iurejk - about 10 hours ago
Dragon Of Icy killed Iurejk - about 10 hours ago
Hitkill Rvt killed Iurejk - about 16 hours ago
Iurejk and Maxsdx killed Sr Lendarioo - 1 day ago
Im Devil Wizxrd killed Iurejk - 1 day ago
Alex Vargad and Iurejk killed Il Joker Man Il - 1 day ago
Princy Ptk , Pokefsnoq and Iurejk killed Sargao Grande - 1 day ago
Ebdinejisd , Dimas Po , Princy Ptk and Iurejk killed Proznhobr - 1 day ago
Ix Acc Farm Xi and Daniella Rip Yo killed Iurejk - 1 day ago
Demxn Mage Il killed Iurejk - 1 day ago
Iurejk , Sz Flash Il and Tapi Fecerp killed Minedroid - 1 day ago
Fallen Birutasz and Iurejk killed Sv Yt - 1 day ago
Qihss and Iurejk killed Dgamerjk - 1 day ago

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