Itawaa Supporter

Character Information
Name Itawaa
Level 481
Guild Genesis
Title Clyde Rabbit Slayer V Legendary
Last online 20 minutes ago
Born July 12, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Vitinhowa killed Itawaa - 20 minutes ago
Bruno Xxl and Itawaa killed Fegjruktkuyajga - about 18 hours ago
Fx Doidao and Itawaa killed Il Yake Magias - 2 days ago
Exolz killed Itawaa - 2 days ago
Exolz and Itawaa killed Yea Im Pro - 2 days ago
Itawaa and Mundane Man killed Papi Jd - 2 days ago
Mundane Man and Itawaa killed Jsdggsjsjsjsssj - 2 days ago
Mmrsb and Itawaa killed Seinaru Sensei - 2 days ago
Itawaa killed Ancalepebr - 2 days ago
Cezarrrr killed Itawaa - 2 days ago
Itawaa and Filho De Oxossi killed Knight Xyz - 5 days ago

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