Itachiopika Supporter

Character Information
Name Itachiopika
Level 202
Guild Ordem Superior
Last online 1 day ago
Born September 23, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
No Touch Me , Promateo , Itachiopika and Davilordkiller killed Isaac Dgn - 4 days ago
Ninja Da Casa and Itachiopika killed Yoshi Kkkkkkk - 4 days ago
Itachiopika and Davilordkiller killed Slainkworld Fan - 4 days ago
Itachiopika killed Kami Kawaii - 5 days ago
Kami Kawaii and Itachiopika killed Ilx Apollo Ilx - 5 days ago
Itachiopika and Nabvx killed Manezzao - 5 days ago
Itachiopika killed Iqualgamer - 6 days ago
Itachiopika and Vitor Ks killed Merlin Khael Vx - 6 days ago
Itachiopika killed Bibigado - 6 days ago

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