Isnaedx Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Isnaedx
Level 341
Guild Berserkers
Last online currently online
Born March 03, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Isnaedx and Akt Deivy killed Spirit Mintira - about 1 hour ago
Isnaedx , Akt Deivy and Saint Indra killed Spirit Mintira - about 1 hour ago
The Knight Dtl and Zushuka killed Isnaedx - about 4 hours ago
Gmo Android Sz , Whatsuphwudoinn , Antroz and Isnaedx killed Demon Onurb - about 7 hours ago
Antroz , Antrz , Isnaedx and Gmo Android Sz killed Pyroclasm - about 7 hours ago
Antrz , Isnaedx , Gmo Assombrado and Antroz killed Dead Sinis King - about 7 hours ago
Showland Chave killed Isnaedx - about 7 hours ago
True Heart killed Isnaedx - about 8 hours ago
Shadow Devilish killed Isnaedx - 2 days ago
Tl Excalibur Tl , Shadow Devilish and Isnaedx killed Elias Llorens - 2 days ago
Isnaedx and Shadow Devilish killed Agustinxdlol - 2 days ago
Isnaedx killed Parthunax Alqd - 5 days ago
Isnaedx killed Il Xxpapel Il - 5 days ago
Isnaedx and Eo Flash Rvt Il killed Il Imper Kurwaq - 7 days ago

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