Isaias Gmr Supporter

Character Information
Name Isaias Gmr
Level 243
Guild Reis Da Gloria
Last online about 19 hours ago
Born January 15, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Isaias Gmr , Jorge Pngon , Tu Chamaquito , Lor Alexander and Ll Sweet Mxge killed Maxproka - about 19 hours ago
Gavoak Killer , Isaias Gmr and Evil Bruxinho killed Mestre Das Bcts - about 19 hours ago
Nexus Of Sdd killed Isaias Gmr - 2 days ago
Isaias Gmr and Pinga Azul Snd killed Pedeohrs - 2 days ago
Black Of Birds , Il Dark Zin Il and Isaias Gmr killed Moskaw - 2 days ago
Jakndir and Isaias Gmr killed Mrriski - 2 days ago
Isaias Gmr killed Frailax - 2 days ago
Tu Papi Cheroka , Isaias Gmr and Lorde Espartago killed Marlon Moura - 2 days ago
Rikardu and Isaias Gmr killed Nubkkk - 3 days ago
Xmxn and Isaias Gmr killed Xjckedvxfwz - 3 days ago
Isaias Gmr killed Xjckedvxfwz - 3 days ago
Isaias Gmr , Guilhermetnt and Damxd killed Charada Akt Br - 3 days ago
Isaias Gmr and Guilhermetnt killed Xx Savitar Xx - 3 days ago
Pinguito , Isaias Gmr and Kinquerbeus killed Qwertyuiopsasdf - 4 days ago
Djobu Sesetdeve killed Isaias Gmr - 4 days ago

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