Character Information
Name Irial
Level 276
Guild The Dark Demon
Title Mystic Knight
Last online 35 minutes ago
Born September 06, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Irial and My Name Is Op killed Btr Knight - about 20 hours ago
Irial and Tu Trtu killed Mr Bagus - 3 days ago
Irial killed Dragonllblaze - 3 days ago
Kake Tanker and Irial killed Aota - 3 days ago
Irial killed Rifqinura - 3 days ago
Irial killed Dark Drig - 4 days ago
Hafiz Pro and Irial killed Quila Za - 4 days ago
Irial , Mysecondalt and Wibu Ok killed Vicent The Best - 4 days ago
Wkosj and Irial killed Lu Tolol - 4 days ago
Fz Il Rchxman , Irial , Warlock Qts and Jancuq killed Emperor Qts - 6 days ago

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