Irete Kutan Supporter

Character Information
Name Irete Kutan
Level 438
Last online about 7 hours ago
Born December 07, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
Il Kanya Il , Irete Kutan and Sr Kato killed Lutfi Hansamu - about 8 hours ago
Irete Kutan , Ninja Ben and The Simo killed Immense Power - about 18 hours ago
Blast Ls , Irete Kutan , Hsg Delas Ons , Angel Maverick , Talon Gar and Sherloki killed Lost Wolfii - 3 days ago
Irete Kutan killed Agustinxdlol - 4 days ago
Xzaphod , Sr Kato , Gentshuga and Irete Kutan killed Angel Roberto - 4 days ago
Irete Kutan killed The Annihilator - 4 days ago
Il Pyros Il , Irete Kutan and Baron Yoshi Il killed Tha Destroyer - 5 days ago
Ninja Bloody and Irete Kutan killed Akt Hydra - 7 days ago
Evill Ninja and Irete Kutan killed Il Yuri Pley Il - 7 days ago

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