Immortal Sxndz Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Immortal Sxndz
Level 506
Guild Immortals
Title Ice Dragon Slayer V Legendary
Last online currently online
Born July 17, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Immortal Sxndz , Ageicedodo Il and Fz Il Majestic killed Dxmoniac Astha - 1 day ago
Evil Shx killed Immortal Sxndz - 3 days ago
Syltanov , Merxzy Cruuz , Immortal Sxndz , Il Anti Christ and Il Argonaut Il killed Ognik Thc - 4 days ago
Il Argonaut Il , Immortal Sxndz and Il Anti Christ killed Dkekusd Jcmr - 4 days ago
Starx God killed Immortal Sxndz - 5 days ago
Liberty Mayk , Desmodus , Immortal Sxndz and Wizard Kurak killed Haraas - 5 days ago
Nath Demon , Mathevs Da Silv , Immortal Sxndz and Virtual Anxiety killed Xiao Zu - 5 days ago
Immortal Sxndz and Jwkwkjnks killed Alextakuz - 5 days ago
Gxd Carlos Alp , Immortal Sxndz , Il Inosuke Ii and God Hunt killed Gxd Luna Vl - 7 days ago
Evil Shx and Evil Doper killed Immortal Sxndz - 7 days ago
God Hunt , Immortal Sxndz , Guardian Wukong and Gxd Carlos Alp killed King Of Zadrot - 7 days ago

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