Kuktas Thc Supporter

Character Information
Name Kuktas Thc
Level 494
Guild The Hussary Crew
Title Boss Slayer V Legendary
Last online about 10 hours ago
Born March 22, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Kuktas Thc killed Arkim Il - 4 days ago
Warlord Zticma and Kuktas Thc killed Make Awish Kid - 4 days ago
Black Skitlezz , Kuktas Thc and Terrorysta Jwp killed Devil God Hrd - 4 days ago
Sheik Xl , Night Frigg , Disruptive Life , Dooom Of Rbs , Zielle Thc , El Cerrajero Ls and Kuktas Thc killed Retired Gintaru - 5 days ago
Sheik Xl , Wimolix , Kuktas Thc , El Cerrajero Ls , Fire Force Il , Night Frigg , Obinay , Zielle Thc and Night Daspatty killed Evil Abaddon - 5 days ago
Kuktas Thc killed Mnxs - 6 days ago

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