Ifatality Supporter

Character Information
Name Ifatality
Level 376
Title Offline Trainer VIII Mythic
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born September 26, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Ifatality and Seu Garoto killed Eu Quero Bu - about 2 hours ago
Vanzinn killed Ifatality - 1 day ago
Rayrondk and Ifatality killed Wadder Sz - 5 days ago
Xxdeusxx killed Ifatality - 5 days ago
Possession Snd , Rocha Gn and Ifatality killed Kakuneku - 6 days ago
Ifatality killed Paoginn - 6 days ago
Ifatality killed Joker Old - 6 days ago
Ifatality and Suesa Kk killed Hdfjjjr - 6 days ago
Ifatality , Il Thyexyz Ectl and Dark Fd killed Yosuke Death - 6 days ago
Ifatality killed Ganxdzior God - 6 days ago

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