Id Smash Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Id Smash
Level 204
Guild Astro
Last online currently online
Born March 23, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Smurff Of Akt and Transexy killed Id Smash - 8 minutes ago
Bh Quiet Storm killed Id Smash - 26 minutes ago
Id Smash killed Bzos - 26 minutes ago
Id Smash killed Mateusgo - 28 minutes ago
Id Smash killed Plainton - 29 minutes ago
Id Smash and Cole Repstock killed Mage Zushuka Il - about 2 hours ago
Cristnuevecinco killed Id Smash - about 5 hours ago
Ferreti and Id Smash killed Xxcristxx - about 5 hours ago
Lost Shadow Il killed Id Smash - about 7 hours ago
Cakeycakers , Id Smash and Pbt Bad Bxtch killed Its Vlada - about 7 hours ago
Vip God Jack killed Id Smash - about 8 hours ago
Mozoo killed Id Smash - about 11 hours ago
Fisico Quimiico killed Id Smash - 1 day ago
Esneiderxd killed Id Smash - 1 day ago
Id Smash killed Themikeggd - 1 day ago

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