Character Information
Name Icarosatak
Level 122
Last online about 12 hours ago
Born September 07, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Gon Ajj , Marianaaaaa and Icarosatak killed Marquiridiu - about 13 hours ago
Icarosatak and Shhiime killed Iwbwoq - about 13 hours ago
Icarosatak and Il Dark Memez killed Umlow - about 13 hours ago
Dragon Blster , Icarosatak and Petter Tio killed Hshusushsbwuwjj - about 16 hours ago
Alanqqq and Hbssbmlk killed Icarosatak - about 16 hours ago
Icarosatak killed Jjzjxnzk - about 18 hours ago
Icarosatak killed Low Fortee - about 18 hours ago
Naraayana and Icarosatak killed Ro Ssi - about 18 hours ago
Il Lizard Op Il killed Icarosatak - 1 day ago
Pamonhaweew and Dads Yt killed Icarosatak - 1 day ago
Drefvfxvf and Icarosatak killed Jeraldnhu Lp - 1 day ago

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