Character Information
Name Iancortez
Level 180
Guild The Burned
Last online about 4 hours ago
Born August 05, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Iancortez and Vng Il Devil Il killed Legend Wars - 3 days ago
Iancortez killed Fukccer - 5 days ago
Iancortez and Wallace Milgrau killed Dominic Uve - 5 days ago
Alan Crepeer killed Iancortez - 5 days ago
Iancortez killed Flex Uwu Dos - 5 days ago
Ryuk Morrti and Iancortez killed Poko Lol - 5 days ago
Yhhhhdndim , Danielccc and Iancortez killed Il Maximo Op Il - 5 days ago
Iancortez , Prosmithy and Gimmy Il killed Love Kid Rape - 5 days ago
Spartano Maniac and Iancortez killed Maconheiro Akt - 6 days ago
Dio Brado , Cobrasan , Iancortez and Scorvion killed Allisson Bmw - 6 days ago
Na God Jeyden killed Iancortez - 6 days ago
Il Dwirm Il , Iancortez and Steven Rojas killed Il Maximo Op Il - 6 days ago
Iancortez killed Bababatuga - 7 days ago

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