Fallen Hryst Supporter

Character Information
Name Fallen Hryst
Level 426
Guild Revenge Of The Fallens
Title Archer
Last online 24 minutes ago
Born March 17, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Il Akt Sir Luke , Fallen Hryst and Batcraftxd killed Snd Rasga Buxo - 3 days ago
Snd Rasga Buxo and Odaguiri killed Fallen Hryst - 3 days ago
Fallen Hryst and Op Lucy Op killed Crazy Sidoka Xl - 3 days ago
Anbu Shisui and Goodinhooo killed Fallen Hryst - 5 days ago
Fallen Hryst killed Goodinhooo - 5 days ago
Fallen Hryst killed Gzuizim - 6 days ago
Fallen Hryst killed Vish Eo Aura - 6 days ago
Terra Cmr killed Fallen Hryst - 6 days ago
Cristyano , Filho Tachimi and Fallen Hryst killed Blackpoweryt - 7 days ago

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