Hihhu Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Hihhu
Level 568
Guild The Hussary Crew
Title Offline Trainer VIII Mythic
Last online currently online
Born June 07, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
El Flexa , Big Poppa Og , Hihhu and Braiton Savy killed Sad Papyrus - 7 days ago
Hihhu , Vvvtttt and Inmortal Khaos killed Il Delacruz - 7 days ago
Big Poppa Og and Hihhu killed Lts Melo Ama Vk - 7 days ago
Big Poppa Og , Uhvgbi , Hihhu and Inmortal Khaos killed Fallen Tom Zz - 7 days ago
Inmortal Khaos , Hihhu , Hhajshs , Il Darko Il and Matheussabbadin killed Zl Sagitario Zl - 7 days ago

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