Character Information
Name Hgsvs
Level 172
Last online about 20 hours ago
Born April 07, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Hgsvs , Shinbi Ii and Tfury killed Jaine Hp - about 20 hours ago
Karlos Junior , Bo Thich , Asassin Lv and Hgsvs killed Keviin Cortinas - about 20 hours ago
Fjjbcxhbycucfcv and Hgsvs killed Emastersenseiex - about 21 hours ago
Genio Daniel killed Hgsvs - 2 days ago
Genio Daniel and Dhalsin killed Hgsvs - 2 days ago
Unicirnz killed Hgsvs - 3 days ago
Hgsvs and Ashley Ixl killed Base Or Train - 3 days ago
Ashley Ixl and Hgsvs killed Il Cristall Il - 3 days ago
Khode and Unk Caio killed Hgsvs - 5 days ago
Chavelita and Hgsvs killed Kimi Nop Op - 6 days ago
Hgsvs and Kortem killed Saligumba - 6 days ago
Romariofox and Hgsvs killed Is My Happy - 6 days ago
Exe Mute and Hgsvs killed Saack Tv - 6 days ago
Tlaelier , Hgsvs and Jumhr killed Buy Me Please - 6 days ago
Hugo Mag killed Hgsvs - 6 days ago

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