Character Information
Name Hfgjji
Level 242
Guild Mft Mirai Of Taime
Last online about 10 hours ago
Born May 29, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Ccdrrpg , Luxh , Hfgjji , Elias Llorens and Lysz killed Samuelmario - about 11 hours ago
Hfgjji and Sam Mu killed Ddcfc Eedc - about 11 hours ago
Ceifador Snd , Hfgjji , Fogo De Inveja and Il Carl Il killed Jehdh Acc Farm - about 17 hours ago
Hfgjji , Pesty Negra and Yuffuy killed Sr Salasar - 2 days ago
Murilohote , Vycttordaniel , Il Ill Il Il Il and Hfgjji killed Fp Do Bh - 4 days ago
Tobinhas and Old Fenix killed Hfgjji - 5 days ago
Power Bhd and Jjisisg killed Hfgjji - 6 days ago
Lodr Mx killed Hfgjji - 6 days ago
Senhorbanana , Hfgjji and Joao Net Gx killed Edgarprooo - 6 days ago
Leviagiuar and Hfgjji killed El Goto Rico - 6 days ago

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