Hero Tryerd

Character Information
Name Hero Tryerd
Level 254
Guild C H A M P I O N
Title Evil Snowman Slayer II Uncommon
Last online about 8 hours ago
Born November 01, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Hero Tryerd and Amkaming killed Alpin Kksl - about 12 hours ago
Hero Tryerd killed Vn Vui - about 12 hours ago
Hero Tryerd and Aombat killed Ksjxdksbcoefir - about 12 hours ago
Il Xbunny Il and Hero Tryerd killed Tao La Noop - about 12 hours ago
Ii Zenry Mythic and Hero Tryerd killed Robloxhihi - about 15 hours ago
Ochitsuita and Hero Tryerd killed Synx Mele - about 15 hours ago
Jdbdhchb , Hero Tryerd and Oommaaggaa killed Robloxhihi - 1 day ago
Hero Tryerd killed Quanffffff - 1 day ago
Pimagae Il , Hero Tryerd and Aluyi De Lala killed Skaiboypro - 1 day ago
Kazamakunn and Hero Tryerd killed Ballsssss - 1 day ago
Hero Tryerd and Elizabit killed Bello Panda Il - 1 day ago
Dnjzjwb , Uzb Fox and Hero Tryerd killed Xl Jamolbek Xl - 2 days ago
Jumo Tr , Fllaor and Hero Tryerd killed Il Lada - 2 days ago
Zycech , Hero Tryerd and Ikal Dvlin killed Diablo Tzy - 2 days ago
Hero Tryerd killed Ggfdthcg - 2 days ago

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