Heavy Tien

Character Information
Name Heavy Tien
Level 201
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born August 04, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Tui Muon Ban Ha and Heavy Tien killed Mmanueljr - about 10 hours ago
Heavy Tien and Lajxn killed Il Rasta Il - 1 day ago
Bobeos Acc killed Heavy Tien - 1 day ago
Mk La Buyyyyyyy and Heavy Tien killed Edenitoo - 1 day ago
Heavy Tien killed Mk La Buyyyyyyy - 1 day ago
Heavy Tien killed Fiktialronaldo - 1 day ago
Plugue Virus and Heavy Tien killed Bao Duy Pro - 1 day ago
Lajxn killed Heavy Tien - 3 days ago
Heavy Tien and Banj Than killed Anngoc - 3 days ago
Heavy Tien , Ursolocotodi , Iniper and Crukin killed Ii Lixo Ii - 4 days ago
Ssiihw , Heavy Tien and Haihaha killed Tutuzhinho - 4 days ago
Luxaiclir , Dr Earl and Heavy Tien killed Il Famozin Il - 4 days ago
Heavy Tien , Pvp Galik , Vnamprosnq and Gddfhb killed Na God Jeyden - 4 days ago
Sapariy , Heavy Tien and Gddfhb killed Man Ak - 4 days ago
Vua Khi killed Heavy Tien - 4 days ago

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