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Character Information
Name Hdvdvdh
Level 285
Last online currently online
Born October 02, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Dino Lutador and Hdvdvdh killed Zevx Ln - less than a minute ago
Hdvdvdh and Dino Lutador killed Zevx Ln - 1 minute ago
Hdvdvdh killed Zevx Ln - 2 minutes ago
Zevx Ln and Hdvdvdh killed Dino Lutador - 2 minutes ago
Willyexe killed Hdvdvdh - 2 minutes ago
Hdvdvdh killed El Crack Gg - 3 minutes ago
King Of Peace and The Knight Dtl killed Hdvdvdh - 6 minutes ago
Hdvdvdh and The Knight Dtl killed Ctn Arqueiro - 6 minutes ago
Ms El Salvador and Hdvdvdh killed Yuri Pley Il - 11 minutes ago
Hdvdvdh and Ms El Salvador killed Kauadayvydniles - 13 minutes ago
Hdvdvdh and Ms El Salvador killed Game Pill - 13 minutes ago
Laun Of Kung killed Hdvdvdh - 17 minutes ago
New Coronavirus killed Hdvdvdh - 23 minutes ago
Hdvdvdh killed Jaechondaeseong - about 1 hour ago
Hdvdvdh killed Killermelle - about 2 hours ago

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