Hdjwj Supporter

Character Information
Name Hdjwj
Level 194
Guild Satanic Sect Zibiuz
Last online 3 days ago
Born September 30, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Jonathanjp , Jos Pro Sk and Chuuox killed Hdjwj - 4 days ago
Clan Del Mal killed Hdjwj - 5 days ago
Ccccjejejejeee and Hdjwj killed Kirikaja Ul - 6 days ago
Hdjwj killed Miguel Rh - 6 days ago
Hdjwj and Miguel Rh killed Cavaleiro Graal - 6 days ago
Nomnbre Secreto and Hdjwj killed Midnigth Star - 6 days ago
Midnigth Star killed Hdjwj - 6 days ago
Eu Two Pou Paus killed Hdjwj - 6 days ago

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