Gwidon Tdw

Character Information
Name Gwidon Tdw
Level 359
Guild Rebelia
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born August 01, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Toon Ps , Gwidon Tdw and Yusaranabil killed Demonstrike - about 6 hours ago
Toon Ps and Gwidon Tdw killed Hnd Dist Of God - about 6 hours ago
Gwidon Tdw , Booorat and Xx Hasirama Xx killed Il Godwin - about 6 hours ago
Kon Nemesis God killed Gwidon Tdw - about 17 hours ago
Mato Lol and Gwidon Tdw killed Fefefefefefefee - 1 day ago
Janeman , Lacsida , Gwidon Tdw and Derremoto killed Negavtwo - 1 day ago
Derremoto and Gwidon Tdw killed Ramirez El Pro - 1 day ago
Gwidon Tdw and Derremoto killed Sr Pala - 1 day ago
Gwidon Tdw killed Khanhqw - 1 day ago
Gwidon Tdw killed Robsinho Black - 1 day ago
Dragon Shaman , Gwidon Tdw and Not Magik Xl killed Imperador Cm - 2 days ago
Nfwert , Gwidon Tdw , Hasenbrot and Pat Yt killed Zxcursed Iml - 2 days ago
Gwidon Tdw killed Danipopeye - 2 days ago
Vng Huy Chicken and Tiny Vn killed Gwidon Tdw - 2 days ago
Meleell , Ushxuebbhx and Gwidon Tdw killed Giahung Vn - 2 days ago

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