Guiz Xx Online

Character Information
Name Guiz Xx
Level 260
Guild Ans Family
Title Defender
Last online currently online
Born August 26, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Proznhobr killed Guiz Xx - 28 minutes ago
Nickxit , Il Low Low Il and Guiz Xx killed Kelwin Poald - 30 minutes ago
Leozinho Il , Pollo Con Salsa and Andy Omo killed Guiz Xx - about 2 hours ago
Guiz Xx killed Svnbr - about 4 hours ago
Guiz Xx killed Lakay Ab - about 19 hours ago
Guiz Xx , Il Ling and Sano Manjiro Xx killed Found Cerberus - 1 day ago
Guiz Xx , Il Ling and Murilo Boot killed One Alqd - 1 day ago
Dayvydx and Guiz Xx killed Leveloi - 1 day ago
Bruxinha Mal and Guiz Xx killed Iv Rucoy Legend - 1 day ago
Ekomsxl , Anjo Da Pas and Mini Lennox killed Guiz Xx - 1 day ago
Guiz Xx , Iv Rucoy Legend and Miguel Tjs killed Renahdhfbfhfh - 2 days ago
Edutlou , God Xit , Guiz Xx and Rw Coronel killed Level Zero One - 2 days ago
Edutlou , Rw Coronel and Guiz Xx killed Skill Power Up - 2 days ago
Guiz Xx and Epic Drago killed Jrjdnzjsjs - 2 days ago
Guiz Xx and Sasuke Robson killed Rgn Gabriell - 2 days ago

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