Geork Supporter

Character Information
Name Geork
Level 171
Title Drow Slayer III Rare
Last online about 7 hours ago
Born December 22, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Ifernal Crazy killed Geork - about 6 hours ago
Geork and Josue Xdxdxdxd killed Davigcnd - about 9 hours ago
Makcan killed Geork - about 11 hours ago
Geork killed Baino Do Sono - about 11 hours ago
Shekboy , Geork and Ill Seven Ill killed Op Major Dr - about 12 hours ago
Hdgdhiys killed Geork - about 13 hours ago
Jogaddd and Geork killed Destroia Mitico - 1 day ago
Chefinho Md , Geork and Davigwa killed Chiri Cujoh Jr - 1 day ago
Gabigooool killed Geork - 1 day ago
Llok Pichi killed Geork - 1 day ago
Crhisthian and Matado De Pkpvp killed Geork - 2 days ago

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