Gelomen Hsr Supporter

Character Information
Name Gelomen Hsr
Level 548
Guild Glory Or Death
Title Boss Slayer IX Mythic
Last online 2 minutes ago
Born October 06, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Gelomen Hsr killed Vikuta Gold - about 22 hours ago
Gelomen Hsr killed Weed Tmd - 2 days ago
Big Nemessis , Im Shaco Main , Gelomen Hsr , Barbiedusa Snd and Jaco Snd killed Wiercik - 2 days ago
Magic Skitz Crz killed Gelomen Hsr - 3 days ago
Wiercik and Gelomen Hsr killed Crimson Cruuz - 3 days ago
Gelomen Hsr killed Magic Skitz Crz - 3 days ago
Crab Thc killed Gelomen Hsr - 6 days ago
Gelomen Hsr killed Eovelho - 6 days ago

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