Garraffa Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Garraffa
Level 110
Guild Aaaaa
Last online currently online
Born August 02, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Drs Dube killed Garraffa - 4 days ago
Gaston Rocha and Garraffa killed Joaolbm - 4 days ago
Ddfjhfjffdvsfsc and Garraffa killed Artezar - 4 days ago
Garraffa killed Ismahai - 4 days ago
Garraffa , Gepardo and Gaston Rocha killed Na Er - 4 days ago
Aitortxu and Garraffa killed Gepardo - 4 days ago
Garraffa killed Lolggyarik - 4 days ago
Garraffa and Vip Lord Vip killed Retry Vd - 4 days ago
Garraffa and Crazy Devil Il killed Big Bad Boy - 5 days ago
Garraffa killed Il Ss Trunks Il - 6 days ago
Il Ss Trunks Il and Garraffa killed Lannnnngo - 6 days ago
Garraffa and Lioneol killed Ismahai - 6 days ago
Garraffa killed Eztastic - 7 days ago

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