Galang Ff

Character Information
Name Galang Ff
Level 183
Title Offline Melee Trainer III Rare
Last online about 5 hours ago
Born July 19, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Galang Ff and Jfnfbdfff killed Bocil Jtm - about 13 hours ago
Emousee , Moon Gl Merter , Galang Ff , Quywy and Fxtal Fantasy killed Dikaonly - 1 day ago
The Glob killed Galang Ff - 3 days ago
Jowidhch and Kazutora Syn killed Galang Ff - 5 days ago
Low Ol and Galang Ff killed Vittra Tim - 7 days ago
Galang Ff and Puxun killed Dack Rider - 7 days ago
Galang Ff and Hayabusa Yt killed Cross Yt - 7 days ago
Huxley Ichiro and Galang Ff killed Ii Evilnoob Ii - 7 days ago
Zaki New , Sonic Dua , Galang Ff and Kqhz killed Gamer Hebat - 7 days ago

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