Gabo Veider

Character Information
Name Gabo Veider
Level 201
Last online 13 minutes ago
Born October 11, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Fael Artygo killed Gabo Veider - 27 minutes ago
Pasarodocupreto killed Gabo Veider - about 1 hour ago
Gabo Veider killed Igorfiote - about 8 hours ago
Il Pcc Il killed Gabo Veider - about 8 hours ago
Gabo Veider and Lehgolaz killed Azect - about 8 hours ago
Dragao Guardiao and Gabo Veider killed Alan Alquimino - about 8 hours ago
Matheus Tdg , Madara Of Pollo , Mc Lord Paulist and Gabo Veider killed Pasarodocupreto - about 20 hours ago
Gabo Veider , Mc Lord Paulist and Madara Of Pollo killed Il Pcc Il - about 20 hours ago
Gabo Veider killed Grim Reaper Ds - about 20 hours ago
Gabo Veider killed Merce Br Low - about 20 hours ago
Melliodas Kun , Gabo Veider and Yoshll killed Cristiano Mm - about 21 hours ago
Whwiqhxigwhxo , Gabo Veider and Goretii killed Kidoril - about 23 hours ago
Il Merlin Iz killed Gabo Veider - about 23 hours ago
God Warlock Sz , Gabo Veider and Yhwach Cxs killed Roleta Wnc - about 23 hours ago
Gabo Veider and Ix Arcanjo Ix killed Il Merlin Iz - about 24 hours ago

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